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Sobre nosotros


Our workshop and shop is located in the historic center of Barcelona. We are a small team, consisting of 3 women: Celeste from Portugal and Alai from Mexico, are reproducing the designs with a lot of love,  and me, Mimi Scholer designing and reproducing our small, 100% handcrafted series. 

Depending on the volume of incoming orders, we add more professional helping hands to ensure quality and delivery-time.

Our materials are coming mainly from Spain, Italy, Greece and Germany. We work with hyperallergenic brass, 18K goldplated earwires, semi-precious stones and pieces like agate, fluorite, lapislazuli, quartz, amethyst, coral, mother-of-pearl, lava-stones, hematite and others. We like everything beautiful and therefore don´t exclude other materials, although they are not considered precious, like beads and parts of resin (all german quality), ceramic, wood, crystal, bone etc.

My Inspiration is rooted first of all in nature and in my many long childhood travels through Turkey and Greece, accompanying my father, who researched historic and pre-historic artefacts. The early mediterranean culture with it´s variety of influences from the Romans and Etruscans, the early Greeks, the Minoans  and Egyptians has always been my biggest influence in designing my pieces.

My love for the mediterranean world has brought me to Barcelona where I live and work since 2003. Before Spain I lived in Munich, Vienna, Berlin, New York, London and Buenos Aires.

I´m a trained Silversmith (Neugablonz/Germany) and got my design-degree in Vienna/Austria with Ron Arad. 


Mimi Scholer Shop in El Born Barcelona